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Digital Assets Office

The Digital Assets Office (DAO) is Metzler’s company-wide unit that handles all issues related to electronic securities and blockchain technology. The DAO positions Metzler as a pioneer in the industry, leveraging the opportunities of digital transformation to provide innovative solutions and competitive advantages to its clients. In the DAO, Metzler bundles specialist knowledge, technical expertise and strategic planning to fully exploit the potential of blockchain technology.



Hendrik König

Hendrik König heads the expert committee "Digital Assets" at the DVFA

Digitization is becoming increasingly important for the financial sector. Hence, the DVFA has founded the expert committee "Digital Assets and Blockchain", headed by Hendrik König from Metzler's Digital Assets Office.

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“Blockchain can be used to automate business processes in a value network“

Blockchain technology is no longer limited to bitcoin & Co. Professor Wolfgang Prinz from the Fraunhofer Institute spoke with experts from Metzler's Digital Assets Office about its potential.

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Mario Mattera, Shahrok Shedari und Hendrik König

Exploiting the potential of blockchain: Metzler establishes Digital Assets Office

Metzler establishes the Digital Assets Office as of July 1, 2022. Under the leadership of Executive Board Member Mario Mattera, the department will be responsible for all strategic issues related to digital assets.

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Metzler Capital Markets, Fixed Income, Sales & Trading

Metzler acquires first crypto bond

Metzler Bank has acquired its first crypto bond. This bearer bond was issued by DekaBank via Deka's blockchain-based securities platform SWIAT.

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An epochal shift with digital assets and blockchain

Digitization and rapidly developing new technologies are impacting the financial sector. Digital assets and blockchain technology in particular have the potential to shake up the financial world. At Metzler, we recognize there could be a fundamental shift in the way securities are traded, managed and transferred in the future.

The most important asset in the financial industry is trust. The blockchain is decentralized, transparent, and unchanging – all characteristics that contribute to this asset and open up entirely new possibilities:

  • The processes for securities transactions can be simplified, accelerated and made more secure. For example, smart contracts can enable automated and trustworthy transactions. Tokenization of traditional assets can make broader and more efficient capital raising possible. We can thus offer our clients more cost-efficient solutions and help them tap into new income opportunities.
  • Digital assets provide access to new assets for investors. Cryptocurrencies, security tokens and other digital assets offer diversification and innovative investment strategies. As a bank rooted in tradition, we understand the importance of stability and security, which is why we are committed to creating the appropriate regulatory framework to support and develop these new asset classes further.

Metzler established the Digital Assets Office to pool in-house expertise, develop innovative solutions and drive the transformation of the financial industry. We invest in research on an ongoing basis and develop innovative use cases and solutions in order to make the most of the opportunities offered by this technology and provide real added value to our clients.

Mario Mattera, Vorstand B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. AG
The financial industry is facing an epochal shift that we want to help shape.
Mario Mattera
Executive Board

About the DAO

Mario Mattera, Shahrok Shedari und Hendrik König
The DAO Team: Mario Mattera, Shahrok Shedari, Hendrik König

Under the leadership of Executive Board Member Mario Mattera, the DAO concentrates on strategic issues related to electronic securities. The main contact persons are Hendrik König, Head of the Digital Assets Office, and Shahrok Shedari, responsible for strategy at the Digital Assets Office. With their extensive expertise and experience, they are in close contact with all business units and focus on client-oriented solutions. Thus, the DAO is optimally positioned to create added value in all divisions of the bank.


Hendrik Köning, Senior Quantitative Analyst bei Metzler Capital Market
Hendrik König

Head of Digital Assets Office

Shahrok Shedari
Shahrok Shedari

Digital Assets Expert