Alternative financing instrument for your corporate purposes


Debt capital can be procured in many ways. In recent years, the Schuldschein has become a popular refinancing instrument and a viable investment alternative, for example, to corporate bonds. 

To help you make the right choice, we can work with you to analyze your business plan and conduct credit analysis. We can lend you support in all phases of the value-added process for issuing a Schuldschein: from structuring documentation, to searching for and approaching appropriate investors, to assuming the role of paying agent. We can grant you access to our extensive network of potential investors such as banks, savings banks, insurance companies and pension funds, thereby increasing your chances of successfully raising external capital.

For many years, our team at Metzler Capital Markets has also been a reliable trading partner for primary and secondary Schuldschein loans issued by countries, financial institutions and companies in other sectors.

Typical transaction structure

The phases of an SSD transaction (promissory note loan).

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