Fixed Income – Sales & Trading

Our Fixed Income team offers a wide range of services and support to institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, corporate pension plans, investment companies and credit institutions. Our client base also includes long-standing business partnerships with the industry and the public sector.

The specialized advice that we offer is completely independent and entirely without bias. The fixed income transactions are settled at competitive prices. The free-flowing exchange of ideas and support between our Fixed Income and Research Teams is at the heart of our recommendations.

In money market trading, we also offer our clients the possibility of managing their short-term liquidity needs and optimizing their refinancing through repos. Our securities lending activities enable clients to maximize the returns on their existing portfolios. With the aid of derivative instruments we are also able to develop individualized strategies for hedging interest rate exposures.

We are fully aware of the investment goals of each of our clients. This is the cornerstone of our streamlined and continuous support for reliable investment and financing decisions. We offer all products of the fixed income universe. The sheer number of our long-term and successful client partnerships corroborates the success of this comprehensive advice approach.

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Mario Mattera

Head of Fixed Income/Forex

Minush Nori

Head of Fixed Income Sales

Sebastian Luther

Fixed Income Sales

Claudia Ruiu

Fixed Income Sales

Gloria Traidl

Fixed Income Sales

Sven Klein

Head of Fixed Income ALM

Bettina Koch

Fixed Income ALM

Susanne Kraus

Fixed Income ALM

Andreas Tanneberger

Head of Fixed Income Trading

Silke Amelung

Fixed Income Trading

Christian Bernhard

Fixed Income Trading

Gideon Tjoe

Fixed Income Trading