Albert and Barbara von Metzler Foundation

Accepting responsibility

Our activities focus on projects for children and young people because the future belongs to them. Therefore, investing in young people promises the best return: confidence and joie de vivre. We scrutinize our projects carefully. A representative of the foundation or a member of the bank’s staff is personally involved in each project.

This not-for-profit foundation was established by a banker whose work on the capital markets is as important to him as working for society: Friedrich von Metzler created the foundation in 1998 as the Albert von Metzler Foundation, named after his father, the banker Albert von Metzler. In 2005 the Albert von Metzler Foundation was merged with the foundation set up by Friedrich von Metzler’s sister Barbara to form the Albert and Barbara Metzler Foundation.

Sylvia von Metzler, who chairs the Executive Board, and Sigrun Stosius have an overview of all projects and are personally involved in some of them. In addition, almost every project is championed by a member of Metzler’s staff.

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