Equity Research

Our research focuses primarily on companies listed on the German share index (DAX) as well as selected mid and small caps. Within the context of our overall equity strategy, we value stocks and companies using a "bottom-up" approach. Appropriate valuation models and criteria are chosen based on each company's particular characteristics.

Innovative tools of analysis

In addition to company contacts, our tools of analysis and prognosis range from break-up valuations to ratios, sensitivity and structural analysis and business model evaluation. We analyze companies in their relevant competitive context whether domestic, European or global. Our analysts are assisted in their work by our custom-designed databases and IT support systems which allow us to compress and synthesize large amounts of data.

Local expertise

With headquarters in Germany’s financial center Frankfurt/Main, Metzler Research has extensive knowledge of the local peculiarities of the German equity market. We are thus highly qualified to react promptly to changing market conditions and make clear investment recommendations with precise price targets.

FI/FX Research

Our team of experienced research analysts studies the major credit and currency markets in the main trading currencies and examines the most important developments in emerging markets. Our research products range from technical intraday commentaries to long-term fundamental analyses. In our strategic positioning in the fixed-income segment, we focus in particular on Government, Covered and Corporate Bonds/Financials.

Our approach is strategy-oriented and combines fundamental, quantitative and technical analyses that span across a vast scope of markets and regions. The constant exchange of views and support with our Sales and Trading divisions is vital to ensure that our analyses are always at the forefront of market developments. 

In concert with the Metzler ethos, our Research team always operates under the fundamental premise of unbiased and complete independence.

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