Foreign Exchange – Sales & Trading

Metzler Bank boasts a long tradition of FX trading. With a heritage dating as far back as the 17th century and its roots in foreign trade, FX trading forms one of our bank's key services in the 21st century. Our business partners include investment companies and credit institutions as well as customers from industry and across the public sector.

Our FX sales team draws on extensive background research to make personalized recommendations for each of our clients. We offer state-of-the-art solutions for FX management that are custom-designed to meet our clients’ individual needs.

Through our unrestricted access to all currency markets, we are able to offer not only the classical tools of currency management but also bespoke trading models that include dynamic hedging and dynamic trading.

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Mario Mattera

Head of Fixed Income/Forex

Thomas Rost

Head of Foreign Exchange Sales & Trading

Tobias Martin

Foreign Exchange Sales

Steffen Völker

Foreign Exchange Sales

Rainer Jäger

Foreign Exchange Trading

Gideon Tjoe

Foreign Exchange Trading

Andreas Zellmann

Foreign Exchange Trading