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Pascal Spano, Head of Research bei Metzler Capital Markets
Pascal Spano

Head of Research

Jürgen Pieper, Senior Advisor bei Metzler Capital Markets
Jürgen Pieper

Senior Advisor

Guido Hoymann, Financial Analyst bei Metzler Capital Markets
Guido Hoymann

Head of Equity Research
Transport, Utilities

Stephan Bauer,  Financial Analyst bei Metzler Capital Markets
Stephan Bauer

Equity Research
Industrial Technology

Tom Diedrich, Financial Analyst for Media at Metzler Capital Markets.
Tom Diedrich

Equity Research
Media, Retail

Oliver Frey
Oliver Frey

Equity Research
Software, Technology, Telecommunications

Alexander Neuberger, Financial Analyst bei Metzler Capital Markets
Alexander Neuberger

Equity Research
Industrial Technology, Small/Mid Caps

Jochen Schmitt, Financial Analyst bei Metzler Capital Markets
Jochen Schmitt

Equity Research
Financials, Real Estate

David Varga, Financial Analyst bei Metzler Capital Markets
David Varga

Equity Research
Basic Resources

Uwe Hohmann, Equity Sales, Metzler Capital Markets
Uwe Hohmann

Equity Strategy

Eugen Keller, Head of FI/FX Research bei Metzler Capital Markets
Eugen Keller

Head of FI/FX Research

Juliane Rack, Finanzanalyst FI/FX, Metzler Capital Markets
Juliane Rack

FI/FX Research

Sebastian Sachs, Finanzanalyst FI/FX bei Metzler Capital Markets
Sebastian Sachs

FI/FX Research

Stoyan Toshev
Stoyan Toshev

FI/FX Research