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Metzler Currency Management

Efficient management of currency risks


An alternative way to fund your corporate objectives

Individual Research

Greater visibility on the capital market through financial analyses of your company

Metzler Capital Markets

spot on solutions

Free-minded, pinpointing solutions founded on in-depth knowledge and many years of experience are the key to success on the capital markets. Metzler Capital Markets is predestined for this. As an experienced German capital markets expert, we offer you global expertise, independent proprietary research, and strong performance from a single source for all of your transactions on the equity, bond and FX markets as well as for your currency management. Take our word for it and put us to the test!


Our services

Metzler Capital Markets, Equity, Sales & Trading

Metzler Equities focuses on analyzing DAX-listed stocks as well as selected German small and mid caps. As an independent specialist for German equities, we offer clear and sound investment recommendations.

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Metzler Capital Markets, Fixed Income, Sales & Trading

Our range of services includes conventional fixed income transactions, management of liquidity positions, refinancing via repo transactions, interest rate hedging strategies and securities lending.

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Metzler Capital Markets, Foreign Exchange, Sales & Trading

We offer our clients unrestricted access to all forex markets, customized solutions for managing foreign currencies, and self-developed, proven hedging models.

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Metzler Capital Markets, Currency Management

For managing foreign exchange risk, we provide sophisticated currency overlay solutions such as a centralized currency management program or our award-winning dynamic hedging strategy based on quantitative trading models

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Metzler Capital Markets, Equity-Research, FI/FX-Research

Our independent research focuses on analyzing German equities as well as the bond and forex markets in important industrialized countries and emerging economies. Covered and corporate bonds are another focal point.

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Metzler Capital Markets

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