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Capital Preservation

When interest rates are persistently low, investors can only achieve their investment goals by shifting from low-volatility investments to more volatile or illiquid ones -and this can bring significant risk of loss. If investors want to remain resilient to risk even in times of crisis, they need reliable risk-management solutions.

Metzler Wertsicherungslösungen: Risiken beherrschen, Erträge stabilisieren

Metzler – as individual as your needs

Possible requirements for capital investments

  • Steady income to cover contractual payment obligations
  • Flexible solutions for corporate pension schemes
  • Fixed minimum returns for funding pension commitments
  •  Short to medium-term investment of available capital in highly liquid investment vehicles
  • Caution investing with a focus on capital preservation adjusted to include sustainability aspects upon request
  • Customized risk overlay solutions tailored to your individual requirements

Customized solutions based on concrete strategies

  • Risk budget management with a fixed minimum portfolio value*
  • Drawdown management with a flexible minimum portfolio value*
  • Risk overlay for master funds

Covering every need

Metzler Asset Management’s range of capital preservation solutions includes mutual funds with different minimum portfolio values*, as well as customized- institutional funds and individual risk overlay solutions for existing master funds.

We offer our clients capital-preservation solutions tailored precisely to their needs.

* The minimum portfolio value relates to a period of twelve months, and to the calendar year for mutual funds. No guarantee, assurance or warranty of any kind can be given that the minimum portfolio value will be maintained.

Portfolio Management

Metzler Asset Management has many years of experience in the developing and managing  rule-based investment strategies. In cooperation with universities, Metzler started conducting research into quantitative methods in portfolio management began in 1999. This created the theoretical basis for our capital preservation strategies and for the dynamic management of fixed income and multi-asset portfolios.

Today, a specialized team of more than 20 scientists, portfolio managers and programmers develops and supports customized absolute return and capital preservation strategies for our clients. By cooperating with university scientists, current scientific methods and research results are incorporated into our daily asset management at all times, which ensures us a leading position with innovative products. 

We started offering capital preservation strategies in 2001. Since then, our clients have entrusted us with assets worth more than EUR 15.2 billion (as of end 2021) which we manage in accordance with our absolute return and capital preservation strategies. Metzler's capital preservation strategies have proven to achieve their targets even in the particularly difficult markets of recent years.

Our Team for capital preservation

Matthias Weil
Mathias Weil

Christoph Sporer, Abteilungsdirektor
Christoph Sporer

Patrick Steiner, Portfoliomanager, Metzler Asset Management
Patrick Steiner

Kai Lepper, Metzler Asset Management GmbH
Kai Lepper

Jonas Hettiger, Portfoliomanager Absolute Return & Wertsicherung, Metzler Asset Management
Jonas Hettiger

Carsten Müller, Stellv. Abteilungsdirektor
Carsten Müller

Anna Frank, Metzler Asset Management GmbH
Anna Frank

Bastian Greß, Portfoliomanager Absolute Return & Wertsicherung bei Metzler Asset Management
Bastian Greß

Nikola Selakovic
Nikola Selakovic

Kristin Pritzel, Portfoliomanagerin Absolute Return und Wertsicherung, Metzler Asset Management
Kristin Pritzel