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Advisory services for indirect real estate investments

We offer institutional investors comprehensive advice with regard to real estate allocation. We closely monitor your investments at all times, from the initial strategy development right through to the investment process and corporate investment management, including the liquidation of a fund and the sale of properties.

Our Real Estate team will be pleased to outline our full range of services.

Together, we will define your investment criteria and performance goals, establishing a comprehensive risk profile in the process. Criteria for this include:

  • Investment market: real estate asset classes and markets
  • Maximum leverage requirements
  • Required liquidity ratio
  • Tenant ratings
  • Regional allocation to properties in a given fund and in funds more broadly

Investment management of indirect real estate investment includes:

  • Identifying suitable managers and appropriate investment funds and testing them for quality
  • Guiding the investment process for acquiring a share
  • Ongoing management of the acquire share in a fund

Share management commences with the acquisition of a share in a fund and continues until the fund is liquidated or the stake is sold.

This task includes:

  • Evaluating real estate acquisitions and sales
  • Assessing ongoing risk management with regard to plausibility
  • Reviewing and, if appropriate, consolidating fund reporting
  • Periodic and unscheduled monitoring of the investment strategy