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Service and products


Online Portal “Metzler Research“ – Spot on expertise

We provide our research products in digital and integrated form. With our new online portal “Metzler Research”, you have quick access to comprehensive information including the recommendations made by Metzler experts on equities, bonds and currencies. In addition, the models selected by analysts, their model assumptions and data sources are completely transparent and accessible for you at all times. Customize the portal to your individual information needs and enjoy online access to all publications any time – even on your mobile device.


Equity Research

This product presents our view on the development of the global capital markets and in particular the German capital market. Particular attention is paid to the momentum changes in the consensus estimates for the main analytical criteria for the global markets. The analysis influences the sector weightings as well as our top-ten recommendation list.

We regularly compile and publish detailed research reports on companies in Germany and Europe. On the basis of general and public data as well as company contact we formulate our estimates on the business and profit development of individual companies.

Studies concerning special thematic concerns, such as tax or accounting changes that affect our markets, are also part of our product offering.

FI/FX Research

The daily deals with current topics and developments on the equity, fixed income, foreign exchange and commodity markets. It summarizes capital market developments and the related analytical conclusions in one precise and informative product.

The fi-weekly presents analytical conclusions drawn about current developments on the global fixed income markets. The fi-weekly also includes a recommendation of the week and a brief overview of corporate and covered bonds, emerging markets and central banks/money markets.

The bi-weekly publication “G20 currencies“ highlights recent developments on the foreign exchange markets, analyzes them fundamentally and technically, and backs up forecasts with current facts.

This bi-weekly publication deals with current topics and developments regarding covered bonds and includes fundamentally and quantitatively sound recommendations. Segment-related assessments (according to country) are also included and reviewed anew for each issue.

This bi-weekly publication deals with current topics and developments regarding corporate bonds and includes fundamentally sound recommendations. Segment-related assessments are also included and reviewed anew for each issue.

These irregularly published reports deal with current topics on fixed income, foreign exchange and commodity markets and include own opinions. Analyses are fundamentally, technically and quantitatively sound. Analytical conclusions often lead to specific trading recommendations.

This consists mainly of fundamental analyses with a 12-month time frame. The full-year guidance focuses on economic analysis as well as fixed income and foreign exchange products in the world’s most important economic regions. We also provide brief assessments of the equity and commodity markets. Finally, we present our forecasts for potential developments on the capital markets in the individual asset classes backed by quarterly forecasts.