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Metzler Corporate Finance

Measuring the worlds of the future

Looking ahead, the world we know is pushing aside apparently incontrovertible certainties. With our services and our expertise in transaction advice, we help you shape the future selectively and responsibly: by developing valuable knowledge from what is already known or anticipated and using it for strategic and entrepreneurial decisions.

Our services

The consulting and other services offered by Metzler Corporate Finance comprise advice on mergers and acquisitions and capital market transactions, fiduciary solutions, structuring investments in other businesses, complex financing issues and other confidential business matters.

Our services are rooted in independence, market know-how and transaction experience.

Our Mergers & Acquisitions team offers support in acquisitions and divestments, MBOs, MBIs, mergers and the establishment of joint ventures. In addition, we advise clients in phases of upheaval and distressed situations.

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Our Capital Markets Advisory team assists clients in building up investments in other enterprises, including takeover offers, squeeze-outs, initial & secondary public offerings, equity advisory and defensive strategie.

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Our Fiduciary and Investment Structuring team develops customized concepts, for example to meet antitrust requirements and structure equity investments and divestments.

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The core objective of our financial advisory is, alongside transaction financing, to secure new non-bank sources of funding. The aim is to appropriately diversify the funding base.

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Business units

Metzler Corporate Finance, Sustainable Values & Social Design
Corporate action is defined by change

The digital economy is making everything faster and more absolute. Everyone is constantly networked with everything, subject to permanent electronic monitoring.

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Metzler Corporate Finance, Future Mobility & Infrastructure
Scouts in the maze of networks

In countries like Germany where the division of labor is highly advanced, everyday life is dependent on a close network of complex, interwoven infrastructures.

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Metzler Corporate Finance, Resource Preserving Key Technologies & Innovation
Sustained renewal – seizing opportunities for innovation

In line with the growing awareness of climate change in recent years, more and more consumers and stakeholders want companies to operate without damaging the environment.

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Metzler Corporate Finance, Financial Advisory & Customized Entities
Metzler opens doors

We act as independent scouts, intermediaries and advisors in structuring capital and complex transactionrelated situations.

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Cooperation partners

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Metzler Corporate Finance
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