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Market Updates

Edgar Walk, Chief Economist at Metzler Asset Management, comments regularly on various topics surrounding capital markets, the economy and monetary policy. Read about Walk’s assessments in quarterly and annual capital markets outlooks. Under market:update Special Topics, you can read about background topics, markets, regions and forecasts.


market:update Special Topics

market:update - Coronavirus
Coronavirus: Two possible scenarios for the global economy

Will the health crisis turn into a financial market crisis? That could happen if governments fail to prevent a tidal wave of bankruptcies. This is the negative picture that Edgar Walk, Chief Economist at Metzler Asset Management, paints of the corona crisis and its possible consequences. However, in a base scenario, he assumes that a severe recession continuing into the second quarter will be followed by strong economic recovery.

Read more on this topic in the newest special edition of market:update.

market:update Quarterly Outlook

Illustration Edgar Walk | Metzler
Capital Markets Outlook for the 2nd quarter 2020

Recovery possible in the second quarter - starting in Asia

Edgar Walk, Chief Economist at Metzler Asset Management, sees good chances for a trend reversal in the second quarter of 2020 despite the serious impact the corona pandemic has had on the economy and the capital markets. However, sufficient aid will be required from governments and central banks to prevent a wave of corporate bankruptcies while supporting the debt-bearing capacity of countries like Italy and Spain. In his base scenario, Walk assumes the economic environment in the euro zone will improve starting in June at the latest. Thus, he expects volatile sideways movement on the equity market and a return to more stable conditions on the bond market, especially for corporate bonds. Read more about Walk’s assessments and forecasts in the attached Capital Markets Outlook for the second quarter of 2020.

Read more about Walk’s assessments and forecasts in his Capital Markets Outlook for the second quarter.

market:update Annual Outlook

Illustration Edgar Walk | Metzler
The longest bull market in US economic history is slowly coming to an end

Is the longest bull market in US economic history slowly coming to an end? In his Capital Markets Outlook for 2020, Edgar Walk, Chief Economist at Metzler Asset Management, outlines several scenarios for the equity markets. Overall, many factors point to a medium-term sideways trend rather than a major crash. Risks include an overheated labor market in the USA or a political shock. As there is hardly any price potential left on the global stock markets in the medium term, dividends are likely to become the main performance driver. Walk also sees a chance the euro could make up for its undervaluation against the US dollar this year.

Read more about Walk’s predictions in his market:update Annual Outlook for 2020.

Edgar Walk, Chefsvolkswirt Metzler Asset Management
Edgar Walk

joined Metzler in 2000. As Chief Economist in the Asset Management division, he is responsible for formulating our global economic outlook. Due to his close cooperation with the portfolio management, he focuses on capital market themes as well as on global economic analyses. Mr. Walk holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Tübingen in Germany and spent a semester at the University of Doshisha in Kyoto, Japan. In addition, he completed the program “Advanced Studies in International Economic Policy Research“ at the Institute of World Economy in Kiel, Germany.